Snow Loading

No doubt about it, we have had a tough winter this year. Inspecting Ottawa area homes recently, I’m starting think more about snow loading on roof structures. We have yet to experience any thaw cycles while the white stuff continues to pile up.

How much snow is too much snow?

Understanding how much snow a roof can accept is difficult to calculate by looking at it; snow can be anything from light and fluffy to heavy and wet. Depending on what part of the country you live in, the roof must be designed for a specific rain and snow load according to the National Building Code. The minimum requirement is 1 kilopascal (21 lbs. per square foot) and can be considerably more in areas known for heavy precipitation. For further information about the specific weight load of your roof, it’s wise to contact a building specialist or consult professional roofing contractors in Ottawa.

Roof top snow removal

Do not attempt this yourself. Contact a professional roofing contractor to have snow removed from your roof. A professional contractor will have the expertise and equipment to do the job correctly and safely. A slip and fall from your roof could cause serious injury or even death.

Can’t wait for spring to arrive!